Experience our Summer Dessert Selection

Explore our collection of summer sweets for a tempting treat or an indulgent seasonal gift. From delectable fruit tarts in seasonal flavors including melon and mango to Summer Piccolo Gateaux, our bitesize collection of seasonal cakes and desserts, every item in this collection offers a refreshing treat in the summer sun.

Alternatively, our iconic Grand Premium Shortcake is available in mango, peach and Shine Muscat, adding a tropical twist to its decadent mix of soft sponge cake, fresh Jersey cream, chocolate angel feathers and crème brûlée made from Tahitian vanilla beans. Perfect for parties and picnics, these cakes are a showstopping centerpiece for any summer event.


June 15 – September 30, 2024
9:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

*Cakes and tarts will be sold from 10:00 a.m.
*Please note that the availability of individual items may vary due to the use of seasonal ingredients.


Item / Price (inc. tax)

■ Assortment of Four Fruit Shortcakes

grand premium shortcake peach

Grand Premium Peach Shortcake
JPY 2,200

*Available from June 15

shortcake assortment

Assorted Shortcake Set ★NEW
JPY 2,800

■ Grand Premium Shortcake Summer Series

grand premium shortcake mango

Grand Premium Mango Shortcake
JPY 2,200

grand premium shortcake Cheinmuscat

Grand Premium Shine Muscat Shortcake
JPY 2,200

■ Refreshing Summer Piccolo Gateaux with Citrus

Piccolo Gatto

Summer Piccolo Gateaux ★NEW
JPY 2,500

  • Tarte Citron
  • Melon Tambour
  • Orange Financier
  • Yuzu Ganache
  • Cheesecake
  • Mango Shortcake

  • ■ Summer Tart

    melon tart

    Melon Tart ★NEW
    JPY 1,000

    *Available from June 15

    mango tart

    Mango Tart ★NEW
    JPY 1,000

    *Available from June 15

    rasberry&watermelon tart

    Watermelon and Raspberry Tart ★NEW
    JPY 1,000


    Cheinmuscat tart

    Shine Muscat Tart ★NEW
    JPY 1,000

    Tropical Fruit Verrines

    Our ever-popular summer fruit verrines are a refreshing feast for all five senses.

    Each glass combines perfectly ripened fruits with luxurious ingredients into one of eight different flavors, from classics like Mango, Shine Muscat and Peach Spumante to new creations including stylish Savaran and nostalgic Pudding à la Mode.


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    +81 3 4333 8713
    Fiorentina Pastry Boutique
    9:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
    (Cakes and tarts may be purchased from 10:00 a.m.)