【Weekday Specials】 The French Kitchen Buffet: Unlimited Servings of Seasonal Dishes

フレンチ キッチン ランチブッフェ ~ライブ感溢れるオープンキッチンから季節のお料理をお好きなだけ~

Indulge in a relaxing lunch with buffet-style French bistro cuisine.
Inside the restaurant, a catwalk-like pathway stretches from the center of the main dining room to the stage-like open kitchen, where chefs prepare perfectly timed food and service it at the buffet station, ensuring diners a selection of freshly prepared dishes.

The French Kitchen Buffet: Unlimited Servings of Seasonal Dishes

The French Kitchen Buffet features a variety of dishes including five different kinds of main dishes prepared with seasonal vegetables, meat and fish such as casseroles and stews.
Enjoy the buffet’s selection of seasonal vegetables, cheese imported from France, and desserts crafted by our internationally recognized team of pâtissiers.

The French Kitchen Buffet: Unlimited Servings of Seasonal Dishes

There’s always room for dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth at the dessert station offering approximately 15 different kinds of treats, including cakes, tarts, desserts in a glass and ice cream. Enjoy unlimited servings from a selection of authentic cuisine.


Weekdays 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
*The brunch buffet on weekends and holidays includes a glass of champagne or a free-flowing beverage plan.

Menu / Price (subject to tax and service charge)

The French Kitchen Lunch Buffet

French Kitchen Lunch Buffet

[Online booking exclusive weekday lunch buffet with a complementary drink]
JPY 5,400 worth⇒JPY 4,100 up to 24% off with one drink

[Exclusive weekday lunch buffet with cafe and soft drink free-flowing]
JPY 5,600 worth⇒JPY 3,600 up to 35% off


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The French Kitchen Weekend Brunch

[Grand Weekend Brunch]

The French Kitchen is pleased to offer “Grand Weekend Brunch”, the perfect setting for a weekend gathering with friends and family. Relax and indulge in classic bistro buffet offerings with a free-flow of Champagne, wine and cocktails. Enjoy a brunch reflecting Art de Vivre a la Française in luxury. A must try for all brunch lovers.

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