SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Grand Hyatt Tokyo actively works to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with initiatives such as energy conservation, environmental protection, local production for local consumption, improving our work environment, supporting the community, providing disaster-resistant facilities and contributing to local non-profit organizations.

What are the SDGs?

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030.

All of us at Grand Hyatt Tokyo are committed to educating ourselves and supporting the SDGs as a key initiative of the hotel. We are supporting the SDGs through the below policies.


Plastic Reduction

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  • Replacing plastic room keys with keys made from renewable materials.
  • Eliminating plastic straws and providing paper straws.
  • Eliminating plastic lids on paper cups and providing paper lids.
  • Minimizing the use of plastic containers and packaging for takeout items and in-room dining.
  • Mineral water in the guestrooms is provided in aluminum bottle cans instead of PET bottles.
  • The mineral water bottles distributed at meetings and events are provided in aluminum cans instead of PET bottles.

* Implementation of the Plastic Resources Law: Grand Hyatt Tokyo is focused on minimizing our plastic footprint and is preparing to reduce the use of specific plastic items.

Energy Conservation / Resource Protection

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  • Using coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. Learn more about the Rainforest Alliance at
  • Offering a linen and towel reuse program in our guestrooms.
  • Serving sustainable seafood, including fish and shellfish from sustainable fisheries.
  • Banning the use of shark fin in our menus.
  • Promoting the use of LED lighting throughout the hotel.
  • 100% of our hotel’s electricity is matched with Renewable Energy Certificates / Non-Fossil Fuel Certificate(NFC) – FIT(Feed-In Tariff)
  • Installing a Tesla Supercharger in the parking lot.
  • Our duvets are collected and recycled by the manufacturer.
  • Recycling and regenerating wine and champagne corks.
  • Promoting the Ecocap Movement.

Food Loss

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  • Providing MOTTAINAI lamb, a sustainable meat from lambs fed with waste carrots and olives.
    * Temporarily unavailable.

Water Reusage

  • We conserve water by using reclaimed water in our toilets. To do this, we filter our grey water and reuse it for future flushes.

Safety and Security

Fire and Disaster Prevention

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  • We have obtained a firefighting Mark of Excellence from the City of Tokyo and a Certificate of Fireproofing from the government.
  • Participating in local firefighting and fire safety events.
  • Implementing regular fire drills.
  • Holding lifesaving classes.
  • Participating in the Roppongi Hills Earthquake Drill.
  • We have an agreement with Minato City to accept people who need shelter or have difficulty returning home following a natural disaster.

Food Safety

  • Our hygiene management processes are based on the government’s HACCP principles. Grand Hyatt Tokyo has also acquired ISO 22000 for food safety management.
  • We hold regular food safety seminars.

Infectious Disease Countermeasures

  • We have implemented measures against infectious diseases based on various industry guidelines.

Social Contributions


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  • Supporting local artists through our Hyatt Loves Local initiative, with artists receiving complimentary space in the lobby to display their artwork.
  • Participating in Roppongi cleanup activities.
  • Supporting local festivals, including the Nishi-Azabu Kasumi-cho Mikoshi Parade Rest Area and the Roppongi Hills Bon Odori Festival food trucks.
  • Participating in local crime prevention and environmental beautification activities, such as the Roppongi Safety and Security Project.

Charity and Social Welfare

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  • As part of Hyatt’s CSR activity, “Hyatt Thrive,” we continue to support people affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Our fundraising and support for the area includes accommodation packages and charity hampers, setting up donation boxes in the hotel, and volunteer activities by hotel staff in the disaster area.
  • Supporting RE Kikou, a non-profit organization that creates employment for people with disabilities through the regeneration of wine and champagne corks.
  • Supporting KIDS EARTH FUND by setting up donation boxes during the holiday season. We also deliver necessary supplies and arts and crafts materials to children around the world who have been affected by illness, war and natural disasters.
  • Holding a Christmas charity concert in cooperation with RIJ, an international refugee support organization.
  • Inviting students from a nearby school for children with disabilities, Aiiku Gakuen, to the Christmas celebrations in the lobby, including a surprise visit from Santa.
  • Donating a portion of the sales from a stay package to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support medical professionals.
  • Participating in programs that provide workplace experiences for high school students living in orphanages and with foster parents.

Poverty / Hunger

  • We take part in Clean the World, a program that collects and recycles discarded soap from hotels and distributes it to developing areas.

Local Production for Local Consumption

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  • Our teppanyaki restaurant serves Keyakizaka Beef, the hotel’s original Japanese wagyu that has been raised on a special superfood feed created by our chefs.
  • Click here for details.

Community Collaborations

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  • We work with local farms to develop unique products such as Shunbou rice, the hotel’s original brand of rice, which is helping to revitalize the region where it is grown.
  • Click here for details.

Human Resources Development / Work Environment

Human Resources Development

  • We offer training to our employees that helps them build a range of skills.
  • Holding an in-house cooking contest.
  • Participating in external confectionery contests.
  • We also hold exchange training with our sister Hyatt properties.

Work Environment


  • Conducting employee surveys.
  • Providing well-being initiatives, such as healthy employee cafeteria menus.
  • Participating in Global Wellness Day.
  • Participating in Hyatt’s Global Day of Gratitude, where employees share their appreciation for each other.