The French Kitchen Breakfast

Our popular “The French Kitchen Breakfast” features an assortment of seasonal vegetables, plus egg dishes, such as French toast, eggs Benedict and waffles–rarities in buffets–that are prepared right in front of diner’s eyes by our chefs in the restaurant’s open kitchen.
Enjoy unlimited servings of approximately 50 dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients, including cheese imported from France, cereals, cold cuts, warm garnishes such as baked tomatoes, large Jambon blanc (approximately 50 cm), and vegetables. Freshly squeezed fruit juices are also available.


Throughout the year
6:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Menu / Price (subject to tax and service charge)

The French Kitchen Breakfast

The French Kitchen Breakfast Buffet JPY 3,700

The buffet station features approximately 20 types of bread, including freshly baked homemade croissants, as well as cereals, yogurt, salad, cold cuts, fruits and warm garnishes.

The French Kitchen Breakfast

The buffet also offers freshly made egg dishes of your choice, such as French toast and waffles, which are prepared right in front of diner’s eyes by our chefs. Eggs Benedict is a very popular choice.

The Parisian Breakfast JPY 2,500

This breakfast set menu features ham and Camembert cheese or cereal, sliced fruit and three breads (choose from toast, baguettes, croissants and more).

TFKcroque-monsieur01The French Kitchen Breakfast JPY 3,700

In addition to The Parisian Breakfast menu, select an egg dish and a side dish of choice.

The Healthy Breakfast JPY 3,700

In addition to low-fat yogurt, fruits and salad, choose from egg-white omelet, pan-fried tofu or oatmeal.

Japanese Breakfast (*Available from 7:00 a.m.) JPY 3,700

This Japanese-style set breakfast features steamed rice or rice porridge, grilled fish, small dishes and miso soup.

The French Kitchen BreakfastÀ la carte

Offering fruit juices, smoothies, cereals, yogurt, egg dishes, pancakes, waffles, French toast, Chinese congee, bakery items and more.


  • Please note that we do not accept breakfast reservations on weekends and national holidays. Breakfast reservations on weekdays will depend on availability. Please be advised that a limited number of tables are available for non-staying guests and priority will be given to stay guest.
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