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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to have flowers or cakes prepared?

Cake can be prepared if reservations are made at least four days in advance.
Flowers can be arranged starting at JPY 3,000 (subject to tax). Please contact the restaurant for details.

Can cake or wine be brought in?

Outside food is not allowed (except baby food).
Beverages such as champagne and wine can be brought in and will be subject to a corkage fee of JPY 6,000 per bottle (not including tax).

Can entire restaurants be reserved for parties, weddings or wedding receptions?

Reserving the entire restaurant is available at The French Kitchen and Maduro.
For reservations of large parties at other restaurants, please contact the restaurant directly.

Is it possible to prepare menus that do not have prices listed?

Yes, this is possible at all restaurants. Quantities are limited, so please be sure to mention special requests such as this when making reservations.

Where should guests go to prepare gifts or souvenirs?

Gifts and souvenirs are available at Fiorentina Pastry Boutique.


Breakfast is available at The French Kitchen and Fiorentina for hotel guests and outside guests alike.
Japanese breakfast is available at The French Kitchen.


Teatime is available at Fiorentina, The French Kitchen and The Oak Door.
*Reservations are not accepted during teatime.
Afternoon tea sets are also available.Please see here for details.

Are there bars?

Yes. There are bars at Maduro, The French Kitchen and The Oak Door .
Please note that smoking is only permitted at Maduro.

What credit cards are accepted?

We accept Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB and Saison credit cards.

Are there ATMs within the hotel?

No, there are no ATMs in the hotel. Please use the ATMs in Roppongi Hills.

Can guests use gift certificates or shopping certificates?

The hotel accepts Visa gift certificates, JCB gift certificates and Hills shopping certificates.
Orico shopping tickets are not accepted.

Can point cards be used?

Please see here.

Are dining certificates or gift certificates available?

Grand Hyatt Tokyo has three types of dining certificates available that can be used at the hotel’s restaurants and bars. They can be purchased online or at each restaurant. Please see here for details.
Gift certificates are available for purchase at Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s Business Center on the 1st floor.

What parking is available?

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What are the parking fees when dining in a restaurant?

Please present the parking ticket at the time of payment. For bills totaling JPY 5,000 or more, a 2-hour service ticket will be issued; for bills totaling JPY 10,000 or more, a 4-hour service ticket will be issued. *Parking tickets are only valid for the same day.