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Frequently asked questions

What restaurants are available at the hotel?

Grand Hyatt Tokyo has eight restaurants and one jazz lounge. For details, please visit each of the restaurants’ pages.

For guests who did not receive a “Completion of Order” confirmation e-mail from the online shop

Thank you for using Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s online shop.
Completion of orders will be confirmed via an automatic e-mail to the e-mail address provided. Due to the nature of the e-mail, it may be delayed or may not arrive.
If no e-mail is received, please confirm the following:


■Confirmation 1
Is an e-mail rejection setting engaged?
If settings are configured to not receive messages from, no e-mails from Grand Hyatt Tokyo will be received. Please configure settings to allow the receipt of incoming e-mails from the domain.


■Confirmation 2
Did the e-mail get sent to a spam or trash folder?
If security or e-mail software has a spam-prevention function, there is a possibility that the e-mail was automatically sent to a spam folder or deleted.


■Confirmation 3
Has the mailbox or server exceeded its capacity limit?
If the limit has been exceeded, the e-mail will not be received. Please increase the capacity of the mailbox or server, or delete unnecessary e-mails or data, to ensure capacity.


■Confirmation 4
Check the signal status of the provider. Has reception of the e-mail been delayed?
Please recheck receipt of the e-mail after some time has passed, or contact the provider.


■Confirmation 5
Is the registered e-mail address correct?
Please login to “My Page” and verify that the e-mail address registered is valid.
※ If registered as a member, please also check the above.

Operation hours

Please see each restaurant’s page.

Are reservations accepted?

Reservations can be made for Fiorentina (dinner only), The French Kitchen, Keyakizaka, The Oak Door (excluding the bar), Chinaroom, Shunbou and Roku Roku.

Can the hotel accommodate food allergies and / or dietary restrictions?

Yes, allergies and special diets can be accommodated. Please inform the restaurant when making reservations. Although we accommodate to the best of our ability, please note that depending on the restrictions, not all requests can be accommodated. Please consult the restaurant first.
*Please refer to the “Food Allergies & Dietary Needs Policy for Guests” below.

Food Allergies & Dietary Needs Policy for Guests

• Grand Hyatt Tokyo will use reasonable efforts to accommodate guest’s food allergies as much as possible in order to provide safe and pleasant dining experiences.
• We obtain information regarding food allergens from manufacturers and make efforts to eliminate allergen as much as possible. However, please note that we are required to list at least 8 foods and only recommended to list up to 20 foods that people are prone to having an allergic reaction to so it may be difficult to obtain information about all allergens.
• Please be aware that we do not have separate kitchens to prepare and handle allergen-free items. We cannot guarantee that allergens may not have been introduced inadvertently during preparation. For example, it is possible for wheat flour to be in the air and mixed with other food as food allergens.
• Due to the conditions described above, the items we serve may not be completely adjusted to be allergen-free. If there is a guest with severe allergic reactions, we will not be able to serve the guest.
• Upon taking an order, we ask all guests to understand that it is ultimately up to the guest to use his or her individual discretion to make an informed decision regarding whether to order any particular items.

Services for overseas guests

English menus are available at all restaurants.
For assistance in English, please be sure to mention this when making reservations.

Is there a dress code?

The dress code is smart casual.

Do the restaurants have separate non-smoking and smoking areas?

All restaurants (including bars, terraces and private dining rooms) are non-smoking except Maduro jazz lounge.

Are the restaurants kid-friendly?

Minors cannot enter the jazz lounge Maduro.
Children are welcome at all other restaurants.

Are there seats for children (high chairs)?

All restaurants that welcome children have seats for children (high chairs).
Quantities are limited, so please notify the restaurant of any needs when making reservations.

Do you have a children’s’ menus?

The French Kitchen, The Oak Door and Chinaroom have children’s menus.

Do you have a nursing room or child care facility?

Nursing rooms are not available in the restaurants. We recommend using the nursery and child care facilities in Roppongi Hills.

Are the restaurants wheelchair- and stroller-accessible?

All restaurants are wheelchair- and stroller-accessible. Please be sure to mention any needs when making reservations.

Are the restaurants pet-friendly?

Pets are only allowed in the Italian café Fiorentina‘s outdoor terrace seating.