Executive Sous Chef – Japanese Cuisine/ Takuya Nezasa

グランドハイアット東京 副総料理長 日本料理担当 根笹 卓也

Cuisine by Chef Nezasa

Cuisine by Chef Nezasa

1959 Born in Aichi Prefecture

1992 Executive Sous Chef Nadaman Shinjuku (Tokyo)

1995 Assistant Director Nadaman (Iron Chef)

1997 Executive Chef Nadaman Shinjuku (Tokyo)

2005 Chef de Cuisine Shunbou, Grand Hyatt Tokyo

2007 Executive Sous Chef Japanese

Cuisine by Chef Nezasa

Simple cooking techniques are used to bring out the true flavours of carefully selected seasonal ingredients. The basics are essential to Japanese cuisine and we believe that it is crucial to pay attention to detail in all our normal routines. Our staff welcomes all guests to experience an enjoyable time with our cuisine, service and ambience.

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