2015 Sakura Line 311 Charity Stay


Details of 2015 Sakura Line 311 Charity Stay Package

A charity stay package to support” Sakura Line 311″ of Rikuzen Takata city of Iwate prefecture. This plan offers 5% off of regular rate and 5% of the room revenue to be donated to “Sakura Line 311”.

Sakura Line 311 Charity Stay


1 February to 31 May, 2015

5% off regular price
5% of room charge will be donated to Sakura Line 311


* As the number of available plans is limited, we recommend that reservations are made in advance.

Sakura Line 311 project

sakura311” Sakura Line 311″ plants Cherry Blossom trees over a length totalling 172-kilometres, creating a line of Cherry Blossom trees to mark where the tsunami reached, so that the memory of the incident of March 2011 will not fade.
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