Nagomi Holiday Hampers 2023

Nagomi Spa and Fitness offers holiday gift hampers featuring original skincare products and recycled cork charity ornaments made by people with disabilities. With four different collections full of revitalizing products, these wellness kits are the perfect meaningful gift or indulgent holiday treat.


November 1, 12:00 p.m. – December 25, 2023


Item / Price (inc. tax)

Zents Luxury Holiday Kit 640

■ZENTS Luxury Holiday Kit
JPY 45,000


■ZENTS Concreta 1.25oz
■ZENTS Body Lotion 6oz
■Recycled Cork Ornament

*Please choose 1 Aroma product from the six options below.
*All items in the kit will be provided in the same fragrance.


  • Mandarin (ginger, mandarin orange, cardamom) – warming and reenergizing
  • Oolong(lavender, lime, oolong) – refreshing and revitalizing
  • Ore(clove, iris, ylang-ylang) – joyful and fulfilling
  • Sun(vanilla, sandalwood, amber) – soothing and calming
  • Fresh(linden, cucumber, lemon) – liberating and motivating
  • Earth(sandalwood, fir, bay leaf) – grounding and strengthening

    Facial care Kit 640

    ■Facial Care Kit
    JPY 30,000


    ■Christian Florian Anti-Stress Facial Oil 30ml
    ■KAIIAGE SP Mask x3 Sheets
    ■Kashwere Head Wrap
    ■Recycled Cork Ornament


    Chamomile body care Kit 640

    ■Chamomile Body Care Kit
    JPY 20,000


    ■Christian Florian Chamomile Shower/Bath Gel 400ml
    ■Christian Florian Chamomile Body Lotion 400ml
    ■Recycled Cork Ornament


    Small holiday Kit 640

    ■Small Holiday Kit
    JPY 10,000


    ■Christian Florian Chamomile Body Lotion 30ml
    ■Christian Florian Foot Balm 30ml
    ■Christian Florian Mineral Wellness Soak / Eucalyptus 85g x5pk
    ■Recycled Cork Ornament



    Nagomi Spa and Fitness

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