Residence Anise offers a setting with advanced lighting and display options, offering a multitude of event styles.
The carpeted floors and the warm hues of natural colors result in luxurious comfort in Residence Anise
and the availability of two screens offers a sophisticated and intimate event setting.
The room is equipped with two 190-inch wide screens, two 8,500 Lumens projectors, four movable lights and 24 movable table spotlights.
These features provide everything you will need for a diversity of special lighting effects.

■ Audio features (wired microphone, wireless microphone, pin microphone, CD player, etc.)
■ Lighting features (entire stage / moderator / cooking table / premier table flower arrangements / movable table spotlight, etc.)
■ Video features (190-inch wide screen 8,500 lumens 16:9)


  • Height
  • Banquet
  • Cocktail
  • Theater
  • Classroom
  • Boardroom
  • U-Shape
  • Video Features

Residence Anise 190m2 / 2,045ft2

  • Height4m
    / 13.1ft
  • Banquet120 people
  • Cocktail120 people
  • Theater220 people
  • Classroom105 people
  • Boardroom-
  • U-Shape40 people
  • Video Features 190-inch wide screen
    8,500 lumens

Venue Layout

Residence Anise01


Residence Anise02 Zoom


Residence Anise03 Zoom


Residence Anise04 Zoom


Residence Anise05 Zoom

2nd Floor Layout

Residence Anise06

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