For customers who did not receive a 'completion of order' confirmation mail from the online shop

Thank you for using Grand Hyatt Tokyo's online shop.
Completion of your order will be confirmed via an automatic e-mail to the e-mail address provided. Due to the nature of the e-mail, it may be delayed or may not arrive.
If you do not receive the e-mail, please confirm the following.

■Confirmation 1
Have you set up a mail rejection setting?
If you have configured the settings to not receive messages from, you will not receive any e-mails from Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Please configure the settings so you are able to receive incoming e-mails from the domain.

■Confirmation 2
Did it get sent to the spam folder or trash folder?
If your security software or mail software has a spam prevention function, there is a possibility that it was automatically sent to the spam folder, or deleted.

■Confirmation 3
Is the mailbox or server capacity exceeding the limit?
If the limit is exceeded, you will not receive the e-mail. Please increase the capacity of the mailbox or server, or delete unnecessary mail / data to secure the capacity.

■Confirmation 4
Depending on the signal status of the provider, is the reception of the mail delayed?
Please check the receipt of mail after some time has passed or contact the provider.

■Confirmation 5
Is the registered e-mail address correct?
Please login to "My Page" and verify that the e-mail address you have registered is valid.
※ If you registered as a member, please also check the above.