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November 1, 2013

Article 1 (Range in application of T&C)

The following terms and conditions (hereinafter “T&C”) apply to everything between Customer (as defined in Article 4, the same applies to below) and Mori Hospitality Corporation Co., Ltd. doing business as Grand Hyatt Tokyo (hereinafter “GHT”) in relation to the online shopping services provided by GHT for the Customer on the website operated and managed by GHT (hereinafter “Website”).

Article 2 (Changes to T&C/Consent)

GHT may revise/amend T&C without prior notice of Customer [at any time]. GHT will notify Customer of amendments to these T&C, by posting them to this Website, or in such manner as GHT in its discretion deems appropriate.
By using the Services after the amendments, Customer shall be deemed to have consented to the amendments to these T&C.

Article 3 (Use of Services)

  1. Customer shall use the Service in accordance with the T&C and any other rules and regulations on this Website.
  2. Users agree to take responsibility for all information they send through the Services, and agree not to cause damage or annoyance to Grand Hyatt Tokyo.
  3. Grand Hyatt Tokyo does not guarantee that the contents of this website will always adjust to the Users' computer or that the website or Services will always operate properly.
  4. Website access is at the Users' free will and Users accept responsibility for using this website and the Services.

Article 4 (Customer)

In this T&C, “Customer” means a person that views website, a person that purchases goods, and any other people that uses the Service. In using this website, Customer shall be deemed to have consented to T&C.

Article 5 (Stopping Service to Customer)

When Customer falls under any of the following items, or when GHT recognizes that service providing is inappropriate, GHT may temporarily stop provision of the Service to the said Customer.

  1. In cases where Customer did any act which falls under any of the items of Article 6 (Prohibited matter), and cases where Customer violated any other provisions of T&C.
  2. In case of delay in performance of the Customer’s monetary debt against GHT or any other default (whether or not default relating to the Service).
  3. In cases where Customer falls under any of the following items:
    1. An organized crime group (the organized crime group prescribed in Article 2(ii) of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members(Act No.77of 1991); the same shall apply hereinafter), a member of an organized crime group (the organized crime group members prescribed in Article 2(vi) of the same act; the same shall apply hereinafter), a quasi-member of an organized crime group (boryokudan-junkoseiin), a related company or association/person of an organized crime group (boryokudan-kankeisha) and any other anti-social forces;
    2. An juridical person or other corporate body whose business activity controlled by an organized crime group or a member of an organized crime group; or
    3. A judicial person whose director is a member of an organized crime group.
  4. In cases where Customer makes any demand as by threats of violence or assumes any other unreasonable burden with respect to the Service.

Article 6 (Prohibited Matters)

The following are stipulated as prohibited.
GHT may stop the Service and terminate the Individual Contract (defined in article 10) between the Customer and GHT without prior notice, when GHT decides act of Customer falls under any of the following acts.

  1. Business activity using goods or service provided through the Website, or an act of allowing a third party to use/open the information on goods or service provided through the Website without prior consent of GHT;
  2. Use of false or misleading information;
  3. Any act to hamper the operation of the Service, and any other acts likely to interfere with the Service;
  4. Unauthorized use of credit card to use the Service;
  5. Infringement of rights (including but not limited to trademark, copyrights and privacy rights) of GHT or the third party (including but not limited to other Customers, hereinafter “Others”), or acts likely to cause others trouble, disadvantage or damage, etc. ;
  6. Mental abuse;
  7. Any act viewed as, or likely to be a violation of laws and ordinances or public order and morals;
  8. To falsify information concerning GHT or the Service, or provided through the Service; and
  9. Other acts which GHT regards as inadequate for the management of the Service.

Article 7 (Intellectual Property Rights)

The copyrights, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights and the rights of publicity related to the information (including graphics, images, pictures, design, video picture, audio, text, etc., hereinafter “Intangible Property Information”) which posted to this website or provided to Customers through this Service by GHT shall belong to the Company and any Third Party from which the Company has gained approval for use.

Customer shall not commit infringement of the copyrights, trademarks or any other intellectual property rights related to the Intangible Property Information.

Article 8 (Personal Information)

GHT shall treat the personal information of Customer or the third party which is provided by the said Customer when using this Service, based on the Privacy Policy established by GHT.

Article 9 (Assignment of rights)

Customer shall not assign the rights given to Customer in relation to the Service (such as the right to receive the service providing).

Article 10 (Use of the Service)

  1. Customer may use the Service in accordance with procedures prescribed in paragraphs 2 through 4 of Article 10.
  2. When Customer desires to use the Service, the Customer shall purchase goods or services according to the ordering procedure specified by GHT (hereinafter “Ordering Procedure.”)
  3. Timing for conclusion of service contracts between Customer and GHT (herein after “Individual Contract”) is the time when the requirements provided in the following items have been satisfied.
    (i) Customer does Ordering Procedure on the Website;
    (ii) Customer clicks the button of “Jump to the order completion page,”
    (iii) GHT sends an e-mail order confirmation after GHT receives the information concerning application for the Service sent by Customer; and
    (iv) The said e-mail order confirmation arrives at Customer.
  4. In cases which falls under any of items of Article 5, or any of the following items, GHT may terminate all or a part of Individual Contract after informing Customer of termination. In this case, GHT shall not be liable to compensate for any damage that may be caused to Customer.
    1. In case where GHT cannot perform the Individual Contract due to grounds not attributable to GHT such as decreased goods production, stock shortage, adjourned sale and cancelled release, etc.
    2. In case where GHT cannot perform the Individual Contract due to grounds under Article 12.
    3. In case where GHT concludes that a certain suspicious order such as large order, etc. is inappropriate after asking Customer.

Article 11 (Payment)

  1. Payment amount and payment method of the Service shall be governed by each Commodity Application Form.
  2. In the case where Customer makes a payment with a credit card, said Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the contract between said Customer and a credit-card company.

Article 12 (Stop of the Service)

GHT may change, add, temporarily stop, interrupt or terminate the Service without prior notice to Customer or any approval of Customer, in any of the following cases:

GHT shall not be liable to Customer for their damages arising from change, addition, stop, termination, etc. of the Service

  1. If the periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system concerning the Services (hereinafter “System”) are required;
  2. In such case that it was difficult to manage the System due to fire, power failure, and interruption by a third party and so on;
  3. When it has become difficult for GHT to implement its Services in whole or in part due to a natural disaster or any other force majeure; and
  4. In such case that GHT judged that it is needed to stop the System.

Article 13 (Disclaimer)

  1. Even if Customer suffers damages arising from paperwork based on personal registration information of Customer, GHT shall not be liable for such damages.
  2. All notices required or permitted to be given hereunder shall be deemed to have been given if airmailed/e-mailed, addressed to the Customer to be notified at its registered address/e-mail address.
  3. In the event of any dispute arising between Customer and a third party in relation to use of the Service, said Customer shall settle the dispute under its own responsibility and at its own expense, and shall indemnify GHT and hold GHT harmless from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind related to such claim.

Article 14 (Agreement Jurisdictional Court, etc.)

  1. If a dispute arises in relation to the Services, it shall be resolved upon mutual consultation between Customer and GHT.
  2. Customer and GHT agree that when a need for judicial action arises between Customer and GHT in relation to the Services, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court for its first trial in response to amount of the case.

Article 15 (Governing Law)

These T&C shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.


enactment day: November 1, 2013
effective date: November 1, 2013