“The Rose of Versailles” Nail Art

The skilled nail artists at Nagomi Spa and Fitness will prepare special nail art inspired by the beloved Japanese manga series “The Rose of Versailles” for a limited time. Guests staying in the hotel as well as private members may choose from a total of seven types of designs including prints of the main characters from the series such as Marie Antoinette and Oscar, as well as designs with real diamonds.

Period / Reservations

Period: September 17 – November 20, 2022

Nagomi Spa and Fitness

Reservations: phone 03-4333-8825
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

※This nail art can be reserved by all guests during their stay, regardless of the accommodation plan that was booked.

“The Rose of Versailles” Diamond Nails

The Rose of Versailles Diamond Nails

Price: JPY 110,000 (Inc. tax・exc. service charge)


Book this offer to experience the intricate and exquisite design by our nail artists who will create luxurious nails inspired by the characters from “The Rose of Versailles” topped with real diamonds.

The Presidential Suite Plan of “The Rose of Versailles” stay package includes nails with diamonds for one person.

©Ikeda Riyoko Production / Shueisha

“The Rose of Versailles” Nails (6 different designs)

Price: JPY 22,000 (Inc. tax・exc. service charge) per design

The Suite Room Plan of “The Rose of Versailles” stay package includes nail art for one person.


■ Marie Antoinette & Oscar design

The Rose of Versailles Marie and Oscal

■ Marie Antoinette design (2 types)

ベルサイユのばらネイル マリー・アントワネット デザイン ピンク

ベルサイユのばらネイル マリー・アントワネット デザイン エレガント

■ Oscar design (3 types)

ベルサイユのばらネイル オスカル  デザイン レッド

ベルサイユのばらネイル オスカル  デザイン ネイビー

ベルサイユのばらネイル オスカル  デザイン ゴールド

©Ikeda Riyoko Production / Shueisha

Option (Inc. tax・exc. service charge)

  • Gel removal: JPY 3,300
  • Additional character printed nails: JPY 5,500 per nail