French Cosmetics Brand HOMMAGE Treatments and Products for Gentlemen

Located in Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Nagomi Spa and Fitness offers an exclusive range of gentlemen’s treatments from HOMMAGE, a company from France that specializes in men’s cosmetics, launching in Japan for the first time to offer bespoke experiences to complement lifestyles and transcend the everyday. HOMMAGE products are also now available for purchase at Nagomi, including a luxurious razor set for the modern-day gentleman.

HOMMAGE Skincare and Grooming Products

We are pleased to introduce a line-up of gentlemen’s skincare and grooming products. From body-cleansing gel and balancing lotion to eye gel and shaving products, there are a total of seven products available, specially made for gentlemen.

Products / Prices(Prices are subject to tax)

  • Complete Cleanser 10,000 yen
    A cleansing gel that can be used for both body and face to flush out impurities.
  • Gentle Face Cleanser 12,000 yen
    A treatment cleansing gel that preserves the skin’s natural moisture barrier that can be used for all skin types.
  • Age Defense Lotion 12,000 yen
    Skin balancing lotion to tone and moisturize skin.
  • Face Moisturizer 12,000 yen
    Apply on face and neck to hydrate and soothe skin.
  • Eye Gel 12,000 yen
    Regenerates and fortifies skin for a refreshing finish while protecting and moisturizing.
  • Shave Oil 8,500 yen
    Shave oil that can be used even for sensitive skin to be used on slightly moistened skin.
  • Shave Balm 12,000 yen
    Instantly soothes and hydrates post shave for a calmed and balanced skin.


HOMMAGE Razor Products 

Befitting a refreshing start to the day, the sophisticated and elegant razor was designed by Wolfgang Joenssen to reflect new-world innovation and technology. The HOMMAGE shaving tools are precision-cast with zinc alloy, coated with copper, nickel and durable high-gloss chrome plating, then hand polished. Razors are available in six clean styles, including carbon fiber and leather, as well as a single razor for the traveling gentleman.

Products / Prices (Prices are subject to tax)

  • CARBON FIBER Shaving set 72,000 yen
  • CHICAGO Shaving set 60,000 yen
  • SANTIAGO Shaving set 72,000 yen
  • SHANGHAI Shaving set 60,000 yen
  • STOCKHOLM Shaving set 60,000 yen
  • VERONA Single laser 28,800 yen
HOMMAGE レーザー製品

HOMMAGE Treatment

Seven spa menus utilizing HOMMAGE products focus on relieving stress and fatigue, specially designed for men. Facial treatments using unique black diamonds help to exfoliate and cleanse while body treatments reinvigorate for new energy and clarity of mind.

Menu / Prices(Prices are subject to tax and service charge)

  • black diamond exfoliation 90 minutes 25,000 yen
    A results-oriented treatment to achieve a rejuvenated complexion. Exclusive black diamond dust and nutrient-rich silver spheres cleanse and exfoliate skin. A toning massage and purifying bioactive black silt mask revive skin.
  • hommage signature facial 60 minutes 20,000 yen
    The ultimate in skin maintenance, a tailored facial to minimise pores, diminish fine lines and brighten tired complexions. Hands and feet are cleansed, exfoliated and massaged, while our signature face, neck and shoulder massage will induce deep relaxation.
  • back sculpture 60 minutes 20,000 yen / 90 minutes 23,000 yen
    Tension relieving massage and beautifying back treatment in one. Tense muscles are loosened with massage, acupressure and basalt hot stones. The back is cleansed and exfoliated and a bioactive silt mask draws out impurities for a toned, clear back.
  • recover & recharge 30 minutes 11,000 yen / 60 minutes 18,000 yen / 90 minutes 22,000 yen
    Recommended for pre-travel or post-travel, this massage is a fusion of Western physiology and Eastern philosophy. Aids in the drainage of excess fluids after flying and relaxes muscles tense from a long day at the office or on the plane.
  • tonic massage 30 minutes 11,000 yen / 60 minutes 18,000 yen/ 90 minutes 22,000 yen
    Tension-relieving massage delivered with strong, concentrated pressure. Increases blood flow and circulation to ease stiffness from stress, sports and travel.
  • foot grooming 60 minutes 10,000 yen
    Cuticles and hardened heels are softened and perfected with an exfoliation, and nails immaculately shaped and buffed. Tired soles are transformed with our intensive foot, ankle and calf massage.
  • hand grooming 30 minutes 7,000 yen
    Nails are shaped, buffed and cuticles softened and trimmed. Hands & forearms are exfoliated, followed by a reflexology massage that relieves stress and pain.

※Access to Nagomi Spa and Fitness is limited to hotel resident guests and by private membership.
※Spa treatments, fitness center and locker areas are limited to guests 18 years and older.

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