“Printemps à Paris” Parisian Spring Semi-Buffet Dinner

To celebrate the arrival of spring, The French Kitchen will offer a seasonal semi-buffet dinner highlighting classic French bistro cuisine. Enjoy a selection of tender meat and fresh seafood dishes such as beef Chateaubriand, beef bourguignon, niçoise salad, seafood gratin and truffled French fries to your heart’s content. Diners may also order an unlimited amount of fresh sustainable seafood that will be presented on ice and served at the table including Atlantic lobster, marinated scallops and tiger shrimp. From April 19, the dessert buffet will offer a selection of popular desserts from the Marie Antoinette afternoon tea and as the weather gets warmer, diner’s can enjoy dining on the breezy open-air terrace of The French Kitchen.

*The photo below is an image. Please note that the actual presentation may differ.
*For your safety and peace of mind, The French Kitchen buffet is being offered with precautionary measures in place. Click here for more details

The French Kitchen surf and turf 640E


March 1 – May 16, 2021
*Operational hours are subject to change. Click here for the latest operational hours.

*Alcoholic beverages will not be served until 5/31. Please enjoy a premium selection of non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails, prepared by our skilled bartenders, during the suspension period of alcoholic beverage service.


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Menu / Price (Inc. tax / exc. service charge)

Printemps à Paris
French Semi-Buffet Dinner
JPY 9,680 per person

Online Special Offer
Choice of one drink including sparkling wine
JPY 11,000 → JPY 9,680 (12% Off)

Sparkling Free-Flow
JPY 13,530

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[Menu Details]

The French Kitchen surf and turf 640F

Unlimited – served at your table

Seafood on ice

*All seafood are sustainably-sourced

  • Atlantic lobster, marinated scallops, tiger shrimp
  • Remoulade, cocktail sauce, vinegar, lemon

Chef’s classics

  • Chateaubriand, Cognac sauce
  • Truffled French fries


  • Sirloin – au poivre, sauce bearnaise
  • Pommes Lyonnaise

The French Kitchen surf and turf dessert 640

Buffet station

  • Tuna niçoise
  • Mackerel rillettes
  • Jambon persille
  • Crudite, tapenade
  • Hot vichysoise
  • Seafood gratin
  • Beef Bouriginion


Weekly Parisienne dessert buffet

  • Paris-brest
  • Crème brûlée
  • Mille-feuille

Marie-Antoinette Watch

Dessert (from 4/19)

A selection of the popular desserts from the Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea will be offered with a choice of one premium tea from NINA’S MARIE-ANTOINETTE new “Royal Series”

Click here for Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea


Marie-Antoinette Tea

Choice of one premium tea from NINA’S MARIE-ANTOINETTE new “Royal Series”

  • Original Marie-Antoinette Tea
  • Cassis White Tea
  • English Breakfast
  • Gozen Green Tea
  • Jasmine Imperial
  • Queen’s Apricot Oolong
  • Royal Camomille Verbena
  • Royal Darjeeling
  • Royal Earl Grey

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Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea at The French Kitchen

Marie Antoinette Afternoon tea French kitchen

The French Kitchen will host a new Marie Antoinette-themed afternoon tea with a special photo spot exhibiting valuable items such as Marie Antoinette’s original pocket watch and a handwritten letter that will be unveiled for the first time in Japan.

Click here for Marie Antoinette Afternoon Tea

Regarding Precautionary Measures

Hygiene buffet image

At The French Kitchen, we are taking the following precautionary measures for your safety and peace of mind.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  • We kindly request that all customers disinfect their hands at the buffet, and use masks and gloves.
  • We have installed sneeze guards at the buffet.
  • Tongs are replaced every 15 minutes
    (certain foods will be served at the table.)
  • To secure a social distance between guests, the buffet line will move in one direction.

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