French Gourmet Tour

From March to October, embark on a gastronomic journey to the various regions of France by trying the French Gourmet Tour menu at The French Kitchen. Every two months will highlight traditional French cuisine from different regions. In addition, diners are able to select a wine pairing option from the same region that the sommelier carefully selects and prepares.


March 1 – October 31, 2020
Dinner 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.


Menu / Price (subject to tax and a service charge)

French Gourment Tour March Appetizer The French Kitchen Grand Hyatt Tokyo

French Gourmet Tour ★New
March, April / Northern Cuisine
Ile de France
JPY 5,800 per person

Begin your tour with traditional cuisine from the north, centered on the French capital Paris. Paris is a melting pot where all the best ingredients are gathered. In particular, asparagus and green peas have a reputation as specialty products and are used to bring out the flavors of ingredients by turning them into potages or garnishes. Enjoy this five-course meal featuring Navarin d’agneau as the main, a classic slow-cooked lamb, and spring vegetable stew.

French Groumet Tour March Main The French Kitchen Grand Hyatt Tokyo

  • Langoustine sauté, asperges vertes, pissenlit, vinaigrette aux truffes
  • Potage puree Saint-Germain
  • Navarin d’agneau
  • Brie de Meaux
  • Paris Brest
  • Coffee or Tea

※Wine pairing available for an additional
JPY 5,000 per person

Champagne:Louis Roederer Brut Premier
White wine:Les Clous 2018 Domaine Saint Nicolas
Red wine:Saumur Champigny 2017 Antoine Sanzay

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French Groumet Tour April The French Kitchen Grand Hyatt Tokyo

French Gourmet Tour ★New
May, June / Eastern cuisine
JPY 5,800 per person

In May and June, the menu will highlight cuisine from the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, with its lush natural scenery such as mountains, forests, and vast pastures. Since it faces the Swiss border, this region uses Swiss techniques of cheese making to produce unique cheeses. Burgundy is also a world-famous wine region. Enjoy regional favorites such as Jambon persille, a ham and parsley terrine, and the classic escargot Bourguignonne.

  • Jambon persille, ravigot sauce, green salad
  • Escargot Bourguignon
  • Tournedos de veau aux morilles cremées
  • Cheese- Comte, Époisses de Bourgogne
  • Gâteau de Bourgogne
  • Coffee or Tea

※Wine pairing available for an additional
JPY 5,000 per person

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