Seasonal Strawberry Desserts

Savor a selection of new seasonal strawberry desserts from Fiorentina Pastry Boutique including a tasting set of three different types of strawberries dipped in six types of chocolate and a premium strawberry shortcake made with fresh whipped cream from Jersey cow’s milk, known for its exceptional quality.

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*Please note that the period of each items may vary due to availability of seasonal ingredients.

Strawberry sweets

■ Period: From February 1, 2021 ~ Undecided


BTQ Grand Premium Strawberry Shortcake 2020 Main

Grand Premium Strawberry Shortcake 
JPY 1,800 (subject to tax)


Strawberry Sweets Fragora Grande 1400B

Fragora Grande 
JPY 1,500 (subject to tax)


■ Period: From February 1, 2021 ~ February 28, 2021

BTQ Fragola Petit Verrine Mousse main

Fragola Petit Verrine-Mousse
JPY 750 (subject to tax)


Strawberry bread

Period: ~ March 31 2021

BTQ Strawberry Melonpan main

Strawberry Melonpan
JPY 280 (subject to tax)

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