Autunno Dolce – Fall Desserts and Breads

With seasonal ingredients like creamy chestnut, rich pumpkin and sweet apples, fall is one of the best seasons for desserts. At Fiorentina Pastry Boutique, the award-winning pastry chefs have crafted eight new desserts for fall that will be offered from September. New creations will include three different Grand Premium Shortcakes made with chestnuts and pumpkin as well as fall-inspired verrines and freshly-baked bread made with Belgian chocolate, marron cream and a whole French chestnut. Enjoy these in the light-filled restaurant or take some of these treats to go.


mid-September – Mid-October, 2021
*Operational hours are subject to change. Click here for the latest operational hours.

*Please note that the period of each item may vary due to availability of seasonal ingredients.

Grand Premium Shortcake

Item / Price (Incl. tax)

Pumpkin grand premium shortcake Fiorentina boutique

Grand Premium Shortcake Pumpkin
JPY 1,900 ★New

Period: October

chestnut premium shortcake Fiorentina boutique

Grand Premium Shortcake Marron
JPY 1,900 ★New

Period: November

Autunno Verrine

Item / Price (Incl. tax)

Autumn Sweets Apple Verrine

Apple Verrine
JPY 860 ★New

Autumn Sweets Grape Verrine

Grape Verrine
JPY 860 ★New

Autumn Sweets Pumpkin Verrine

Pumpkin Verrine
JPY 860 ★New

Fiorentina Pastry Boutique Pumpkin Tart 640

Pumpkin Tart
JPY 640

Monte Bianco

Item / Price (Incl. tax)

Monte Bianco fresco fiorentina boutique

Monte Bianco Fresco
JPY 700

Monte Bianco Francia fiorentina boutique

Monte Bianco Francia
JPY 700

Monte Bianco Italiano fiorentina boutique

Monte Bianco Italiano
JPY 700

*This item is sold until October 2.

Monte Bianco japonese fiorentina boutique

Monte Bianco Japonese
JPY 700

Monte Bianco pumpkin

Monte Bianco Pumpkin
JPY 640

Piccolo gatt fioretina boutique

Autumn Piccolo Gatto
(Assortment of 5 kinds of Mont Blanc)
JPY 1,840

Piccolo torti autumn fiorentina boutique

Autumn Piccolo Torti
(Assortment of 5 kinds of seasonal items)
JPY 1,840

Autunno Bread

Item / Price (Incl. tax)

Chocolata castagna

Cioccolata castagna
JPY 420

Camembert brioche Fiorentina Pastry Boutique Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Camembert brioche
JPY 420 (piece) / JPY 3,300 (whole)

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