• THE OAK DOOR Steakhouse
  • ROKU ROKU Sushi
  • KEYAKIZAKA Teppanyaki
  • SHUNBOU Japanese
  • CHINAROOM Chinese
  • FIORENTINA Italian Café
  • MADURO Bar

Ice-Cold Summer Desserts

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summer sweets

Grand Hyatt Tokyo will offer an assortment of icy cool desserts, available only for the summer. In addition to popular classics, this summer's dessert selection will include new items such as two different ice cream burgers, a unique Chinese parfait and ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

◆Keyakizaka (4F Teppanyaki)

Mango Icecream

Cool down this summer with a liquid nitrogen ice cream at Keyakizaka as the chefs prepare amazing ice cream right in front of diners. -196°C liquid nitrogen is slowly combine with a mixture made of cream and sweet Ishigaki mangoes from Okinawa. This mango lover's dream is served in a glass with large chunks of fresh mangoes on the bottom.

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◆The Oak Door (6F Steakhouse)

Monthly Burger

The Oak Door steakhouse will feature two types of ice cream burgers during July and August. The dessert burgers are made with fresh fruit, raspberry and chocolate ice cream patties and profiterole "buns" filled with custard and whipped cream. The pastry team's take on a summer burger will be accompanied by cinnamon pie crisps to be enjoyed with three types of dipping sauce.

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Monster Milkshakes

The mixologists at The Oak Door Bar will prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic monster milkshakes with flavors including strawberry banana, matcha green tea and acai bowl. We recommend sharing these creamy ice-cold shakes with dessert-loving friends and coworkers on a warm spring day.

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◆Chinaroom (6F Chinese)

Chinese Parfait

Chinaroom will prepare a unique summer parfait incorporating their popular desserts such as mango pudding, almond jelly, and fluffy mango shaved ice. The parfait is topped with fresh fruit and an oolong tea-flavored crispy wafer and can be enjoyed with a side of tapioca coconut milk. In addition, the mango shaved ice with bird's nest will be back on the menu.

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Mango Shaved Ice
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